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Troops changing colour

Hello, I have been playing the game a lot. I have seen several times that my or someone else's troops turned in the colour of the enemy that are being attacked. So when I am blue and I destroy the troops of yellow entirely in a country, my troops take over the country but become yellow. I don't know know for sure if the yellow opponent can use those troops but I can't use them anymore. Sometimes they are reverted back to the original colour again after some time. I lost my match this time partially because of the 'bug' so I wanted to report it. The last time it happened was when I had internet connection issues and the game reconnected. As far as I can remember it also happened with a good connection. I hope this can be fixed. Thanks in advance, Jeffrey

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We are aware of this issue and have replicated in internally. A fix should be released within our next few updates.

- Phillip@SMG

This happened to me last night around the time I lost connection. When i rejoined my opponent had my troops. The lost connection issue has been a problem the last few days. Especially in WiFi and my WiFi signal is very high speed and working perfectly.
It is not fixed. It happened to me two days ago. Exactly as you described.
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