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For those getting stuck in the end of games.

Concerning the bug that causing games to not end and players become stuck alone at the end of the game. We are aware of this issue and looking into a fix.

Keep an eye on this topic for updates on the status of the issue


- We are currently looking into what could be causing this.

- We have reproduced the issue and are now looking into a fix.

- We have developed the fix and it is now going through internal testing.

- We have released this fix in an update. Be sure to check that your app is updated to the latest version. Some regions may take longer than others to receive this update.

Work around: For those who want to play safely without waiting for the fix, you can stop this from occurring by restarting the app after every game / before joining a new game.

1 person has this problem

I have been screwed out of 7 very important games now. I will not be playing risk anymore and if I had any reason to believe they would honor it I would definitely be trying to get a refund. Bullshit
I have calmed down and started playing again and it has happened twice in 5 games. Originally I thought it was a bug that would t go away. Now I wonder if it's people glitching somehow after the new update?
Same. Nothing more frustrating than playing for hours on a few games, beating higher ranked people only to be screwed out because you're frozen on the win screen. Please fix!!
Mary says exactly what I was going to say so I won't repeat if!! Thank you Mary.
This is absolutely ridiculous - my rank has taken a precipitous dive because of this. The proposed solution of restarting negatively affects your rank. I've had enough. As someone with 350+ hours of game time, I think I'm finally calling it quits and want a refund.
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Still happening, 8th February 2019
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