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I don’t know my log in information

So I deleted the app and I never made a password but I made in app purchases and had all the maps and stuff but I can’t go back to my account now. I only know my profile username. It only says to make a new one or to log in but I never made a password.

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Hi Muhy,

Could you please make a support ticket and in it give us the profile username that you know. We can sort this out for you.



Same thing happened to me, I followed email instructions, used my screen name and new password and still can’t join
Did they fix your problem, if so how
I can't remember my profile password how do I reset it arrhhh stressing me out

I'm currently logged in on my device and had created a password when I made some purchases.  Now I cannot remember the password.  Is there a forgot password routine or can you reset it?  I can verify the date, amount, and last 4 of the credit card number for verification if needed.  Thanks.

I would like my login info for Maria dagger 9 please.
I bought the premium package with one username and exited out and can’t remember that username. I made a new username. Will that premium package transfer to the new username if I have the same email for both?
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