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For those not receiving the premium IAP on Android

Hey everyone,

We are aware of the issue that appeared over the weekend where many of you have purchased premium and not received the maps in the package and/or have not received premium at all.

We are looking into this as we speak.

We thank you for your patience as we resolve this.

- We have identified the cause of the issue and are now looking into a solution.

- We have developed the fix and it will be going through internal testing shortly

- We have released an update containing a fix. Please update your app over the coming hours as the update becomes available in your regions. If it doe snot work straight after the update, restart the app.

6 people have this problem

I see its been 9 months and this bug has not been fixed. I have paid over $10 in maps including the premium. Im signed in with my facebook accout as well. Please fix I dont like wasting money.

Ain't that the truth bro!

Yeah it works, but I think it would be appropriate to get a gift for compensation of our waiting time. 

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It is working! Thanks for your attention and work on it!
Tried that still not working I think I'll ring the bank and have the payment suspended

The update has fixed the problem - if it didn't work for you... try rebooting your device, or uninstalling and reinstalling the game...

The bug fix worked for me! Still have the unlimited tokens and got the maps back! Thanks SMG for the quick fix!
Fix didn't help what a rip off a complete fraud of a company It's true you will RISK your money

Fix is on its way everyone.


I am having the same issue. I know this takes some time to fix but when you pay for something you expect to get what you payed for. Or did we get what what we payed for ****.

Dude, it's not just the Maps - the game hasn't unlocked Premium Mode so is still limited to tokens... 

1. August 17th 2.yes, for $2.99 3.noticed it today, I was able to access a couple of days ago
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