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Did I Seriously just lose 9vs1?

Your guys' blitz mechanic NEEDS to undergo maintenance. Why do you think people play mobile games? Because theyre on the go and want to play shorter games. I find it absolutely baffling that months after I last played Im still losing in these situations. What logic drove you guys to decide rolling a dice one by one and taking an hour per turn gives you better odds at winning? Blitz should not have some obscure dice roll effect that makes you lose by default just because a player is trying to get theough their turn quickly. This is not a want, its a legitimate need that would help your game 10 trillion percent. Nothing is more aggravating than when you rage quit because you lost a game because you forgot, "oh yea if I blitz a 1 man territoy with 80 men Ill lose. Let me roll 50 times and each roll take 45 minutes." I rage quit so hard months ago and came back to see if it has changed and it has not. When I slow rolled, however, I won. No biggie. Just took way more time than it needed to. Please fix this.

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