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Your game server sucks

3 times disconnected without chance and 'uh-oh the game...'

everyday same story.

sort this shit out 

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fuck off your game server and your ai 

sucks sucks and still sucks!


SMG have said a new update is coming out this week - lets pray they have fixed the problem!

bullshits! they just want to push to premium $$$$$

Sure they do - they are a business after all dude!

Why shouldn't they see a return on their investment - developing the game cost time, effort and expense!

However, I doubt they deliberately cripple the game for Free players - as it's in the interest to make the Free game as good as possible... because then (and only then!) will people pay for the Premium version!

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Premium doesnt help. I am a paying user and the disconnects happen in 100% of games. Its a joke. Why are you defending them, Aitch? Youre a fucking leech.

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