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We want Risk Factions

Hi can you make Risk Factions available as a game to download. It is a much more fun version to play with friends. Dont like this version. I will update my review when i get what i want. Thank you

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Great game factions was better and I would buy it right away
Risk Faction as one of my best strategy game ever ..i played this game everyday and all night whit my best friend last time i played the game is last years the 25 dec on psp3 and the are only 3 players online to play the game ...a big deception for me ...if i can help you to just starting thinking promoted a new game (Risk Faction) i take the engagement to publishing the project in social media on facebook,twitter,twitch,Discord,reddit,and also on my pokerstars app in the chat live... i haven't received a gift from Santa since a long time ago. Make this game back online gonna be my best gifts ever. Ok i don t be a good boy all day this years but it was the worst years ever for me at work and personal live .Play some game in faction mode are a good medicine to change ideas and forget bad days.. take you ...Danny Lord
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