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Dice algorithm changes when your ranking gets better

I am sorry but the dice algorithm is BS in this game. Anytime I get to just below 2,000 in ranking, every game, no matter who I am playing (beginner, Novices, etc..) all of a sudden, their dice rolls are near invincible and mine absurdly horrible. If it is one game, or some occasional rolls where it seems absurd, then I get it, but all the time?!  I will win 4-8 games in a row to always get back to the 2,000 mark and then will lose, every time. This has happened on 5 different occasions this past month. It is not a coincident as evident in the uneven rolls I see. 

I can say with certainty that there is nothing in the game that would cause this to happen. Nor there is a reason to do so. Dice roll odds are always the same at all rankings.



So the dice roll algorithm sucks at all levels. 32 armies against 10. Lost all they lost none! Wha a load of tosh. It gets caught in a loop and goes bad. Not realistic.

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I literally just witnessed the same exact thing happen again. I watched a beginner plow through 9 countries untouched, defeating over 30 armies to him losing zero. I just dont think the odds are there. These dice rolls are not realistic. 

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