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Wins not being credited

I recently made a new risk profile to play with. I keep meticulous count of my games so I know how many I've won and how many I've lost. As of now (7/26/17) I've played 85 games with this profile and won 50 of them. But my stats say I've played 82 and won 47. You can see I've been cheated out of three wins. What happens is sometimes I win but then my stats and rank don't change as a result. My guess is that when I'm the only player left my connection may "phase out". Of course with no connected players the game is not counted for any participant. Not sure my "phase out" hypothesis is accurate but the situation where no players are connected is the only time I know games are not supposed to be counted. I'm not sure SMG can fix this but it seems sad that the best strategy for players facing imminent defeat is to quit and hope the game won't count.

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In fairness I had a loss not count today. First time that has happened with the new profile. I'm sure the winner was upset. When I was defeated there were one human and two AI remaining which seems to support my theory about why this happens.

I think you're right - I thought that sometimes games just took a while to be updated... but it does seem that certain games are definitely not being counted!

If games are excluded because it's only the Bots left playing... it would mean most games are left out because so many people leave! 

I've been meaning to keep a record of battles to check how fair the dice are, and whether using Blitz attack is better or worse than single attacks...

Glad to see someone else who is obsessive as me lol! 

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