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disconnect then reconnect and lost my army

While i was attacking an enemy and his last man for cards my connection gone, after a few seconds reconnected to the game and dang i had nearly 40 man attacking 5 enemies and i had only 5 left and he had 15???!!! I lost the game while i was winning.

2 people have this problem

Same bug happened again i was winning and lost 23 armies and the game. I bought the gamr and just playing for two weeks and alrdy seriously thinking about to quit if those major bugs wont be fixed very very soon! So pls dev team fix these fun killer bugs. Thx

Yeah, this is happening more and more now...

It's all seems to be due to the Lost Connection problem which has happened EVERY single game I've played... sometimes dozens of times during a game!

Usually, it reconnects quickly and everything is just as you left it... but if you get disconnected while it's your turn, then all kinds of crazy things happen!

Risk takes hours to play - so when a game gets ruined like this... it stings pretty bad!

I wonder how many paying customers they have lost due to this?

I wonder if SMG will ever get around to fixing the problem?

I wonder what exactly these guys do all day... because clearly, no work is being done lol! 

They lost one more paying customer now! Not that i keep getting disconneted when its my turn. Also when i get higher in rank i keep loosing againt armies that are 2-3 times smaller. Attack and puff all my man gone, bad luck? I dont think so. I dont even care about the rank and pll who cheat for ranking. But i want fun from a game not bad mood! So Dev team u can mail me if u fixed the bugs that ruin the game and makes many brave good player quitt. Till then iam out and my game review in app store will be 1star. Thx
Disconnected several times today. I was winning by large margin multiple times. I Used to be able to close app and reconnect and game would come back. Now I'm unable to rejoin game after reopening app!!! What happened? Is this because of new update? Before it was bad... I stopped playing for a few months, now it is worse!!! The game would be great, but as it is it is frustratingly unplayable. when you lose expert/master ranking because of this BS, you don't want to play.
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