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I can't play

I cant play . When i try to play the computer says please try again or if this issues persists contact SMG STUDIO SUPPORT. Error 1........... what can I do ????
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Same here. I first had an error in the game. I deleted and reinstalled the game, now I can't even get to the home screen..
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Same here.

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Same here.

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My evening is fuckd upp  Who can help us ???
I'm getting the same error 1 message. Idk what it could be, I tried everything I could think of.
Getting same error 1 message and tried everything I could think of to fix it and nothing is working
Ditto. Same problem.
Hey guys, the problem is not there anymore. Seems it was a server issue which is now solved.

Hey everyone,

As you may have already figured out. We have had some server issues over the weekend. You are able to log in again but there are still issues. We are investigating this right now.

- Phillip@SMG

I can confirm as of yesterday these issues have been solved.

- PhillipSMG

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