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Error 904 iOS - Wrong Rank Too

I just started getting this above error today for no reason. I see that others have posted this without a reply. What is going on here? Please fix this issue.
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10 people have this problem

I also have the same problem
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Same for me

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Same problem! I tried to delete the app and reinstall it, now I cannot even get to the game screen. :/
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Same problem here. I deleted and reinstalled the app. Now I can't get in the game at all..
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Good thing I read here first. I was about to delete and reinstall. Sounds like it wouldn't have worked. I'm getting 902 and 904 errors. How do I fix this?

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Same here

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I'm getting the same issue I can't start or join a game. Auto match doesn't help either please help!
Where is the service RISK? 樂樂
This issue has been fixed for me. Hope it self resolves for others as well
Now Risk works but my ranking has been deleted

Hey everyone,

We have had some server issues over the weekend. You are able to log in again, but here are still issues we are in the process of addressing. We are looking into this as I write this.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


I can confirm as of yesterday these issues have been solved.

- PhillipSMG