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Disconnect and no credit

I was just in a game where around the 20th turn I got a message saying "waiting for host". After about 2 minutes I got the bright idea of closing the app and trying to rejoin the game after I opened the app again. Then it said the game has been closed after I clicked to rejoin the game. This is especially annoying to me because I was posed to win ( knocked out two of the four players and the last remaining player left and let the computer take over) in the next round or two. I have not gotten any credit for a win or loss, and my kill / death count hasn't updatedone either. Anyone else have similar problems? Any way to fix?

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I'm having the exact same problem. It's a 50/50 chance if my score will update after the game and I'm getting errors all over the shop. Feel a bit cheated of my £6 to be honest 
Twice in recent days I have won risk games but it hasn't shown up on my stats or rank. Super frustrating. Never do I lose a game that doesn't count. I assume it's my connection phasing out once my opponents have given up and quit.
Twice in recent days I have won a risk game but it hasn't counted for my stats or my rank. Never do I lose a game that isn't counted. I think it's my internet connection phasing out after my opponents have given up and quit. Really frustrating.
Whoops sorry for double comment didn't immediately see the first one after refresh so posted second my bad
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