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Two turns in a ROW?!??!!!

Not sure if I'm supposed to file a support ticket for this, but just barely lost a game... the BLUE player took out the RED player, and their turn timed out before they could place additional troops from the cards they won. BUT instead of my turn ([green player] which would have been a game changing turn), it was the BLUE players turn AGAIN! With 7 cards at the end of a progressive bonus card match, this is devastating! This is the first time I've seen this problem, but It really shouldn't happen again, to anybody. A screen shot to show turn order... I'd like to add that I was a master rank pushing grandmaster until about a week ago, this game has lost its mind when it comes to bugs, now I'm barely an intermediate

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Hi Chris,

Yes please create a support ticket for this. This looks like a bug we can look into fixing for our next update.



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