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Problems with host loading sceen

This is a snapshot of one of the victories I was robbed of because of this problem. When it's obvious your going to win, people tend to quit; when your the last human player l, and when there's a connection interruption (which seems to happen quite often), the game cannot find a host, and stays on this screen until I close the program. It is then unable to connect to the game again once I've restarted the game (like it would had I closed the program with human players still active). I'm so sure if I am gaining or losing rank when this happens but it is frustrating to say the least...

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Have no fear. We are looking into this issue. Although we will have to ask for you patience because it is a tricky one.

- Phillip@SMG

Just had this happen to me to. I'm a little angry because that match would have put me into a positive k/d ratio. I wish that when the game closed it still gave credit...
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