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Why are these Bugs/Issues not being solved ??

It does seem as if SMG, the developers of the game, are doing very little (if any) developing! 

None of the problems here have been put in to the the Solved category!

Come on guys- do some work will ya lol!

Just cos you live in Australia... doesn't mean you should go surfing every day haha!

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We are working on the bugs, many have been fixed. We may actually be slacking of changing categories to "Solved", so I will look in on that. 

I wish I could go surfing everyday...


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Seeing all the complaints on this site - it's kinda obvious that very little work is being done dude... at least on this game...

No doubt you guys are more interested in the newer games you've developed... so Risk has fallen to the bottom of your list of priorities...

This is a great shame, because Risk genuinely has the potential to make you far more money than all the other apps you have going! 

Risk is one the biggest board games in the world - it's up there with Monopoly and even Chess!

If you dedicated time to fixing all the major issues and making some simple improvements - you'd rapidly see it's following rise... and immediately have increasing numbers of people happy to pay for Premium!

Currently, you're actually forcing good customers away -  for every person that pays, another dozen would have liked to, but won't!

The majority of people who download, will quickly stop playing due to the many problems... folks have little patience and a very low tolerance these days! 

Of the minority of people who persevere (like me!) - an even smaller minority will actually become enthusiasts and hand over some money... most won't feel the game is good enough to play regularly and pay for, so will stick with the free option!

It really is a tragic waste - you've already built a good foundation... why not make the effort to perfect everything so you can maximise the income it generates? 

Fix all the problems mentioned on the forum, and implement all the good ideas people have suggested... you'll then have an AWESOME game which makes you a fortune! 

Do it Phil, just do it !!

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