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Expert+ game times

Instead of adding friends and having private matches... why not set up regular times on global Dom. To increase the number of good players on at the same time, just comment your user name and a time you could host a game.

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Good idea, I think it's definitely worth a try. I can host games Saturday evenings around 8 pm United States eastern time. If that time is not good for others I can join or host games at other more convenient times. Username is either S3ctaOne or Theodore Omega 6.

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I can host games monday - Saturday, 8am - 11am EST (I work 3rd shift). I usually run 120 secs, fixed card bonus, but am open to negotiations. Prefer the maps; koiengsburg, skull & crossbones, and Europe - again open to negotiations. Username: veteran child23
Have you guys thought of an easier way to plan this than using the threads here? Like maybe making a discord?
I've never used discord but if we can get a group of high ranked players planning games on that or some other platform I'm all for it.
I'd suggest by starting a thread on the general chat asking if any expert or higher ranked players would like to have matches with others of their rank. Just put a link in the thread to the discord.
@Grey Manke Sorry about taking so long to reply. I like your idea and believe it has the potential to improve the communication between those interested in high ranked games. But I have never used discord, in fact I had never heard of it before you mentioned it in your post. I also don't know if other high ranked players use discord. Right now my priority is getting people connected to the effort. In case you haven't seen it there is another thread in looking for games called expert and up games (one of just three so I won't post a link) there a small group of us have the best attempt at getting an elite (progressive) risk group together that I have seen. If you have any accounts ranked expert or better and are interested in having a chance at bigger wins while reducing the negative impact of losses I suggest you subscribe to that discussion. Also if you want to make a discord based risk group yoy are going to want to get the people from that thread on board.
@SectaOne I'm not at expert ranking quite yet. (I only started a few weeks ago and am willing to admit I'm not the best) Discord is pretty easy to use, you can make an account and set up a server pretty easily. You'll be able to see who is online and have text or voice chat channels open for everyone in the discord. There is no limit to the amount of people allowed in a server. It has a mobile app version for IOS (not sure if their is an android version) and a website that both work well. I could set up one for expert risk games for you if you want. It would probably be the best way to set up high ranking games and keeping in touch with those who play regularly.
I'll suggest using discord on the other thread and see if that generates any response from others. If you aren't ranked expert yet then don't bother going through the trouble of helping us set anything up.
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