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Army strength glitch

Just saw one of my opponents attack a computer controlled player. He had 35ish armies going up against 10ish. The blitz showed approximately 12 damage to him, 10 to the opponent. So, he should have taken the territory, advancing 20some armies. BUT, when the explosions cleared, it showed the defender territory as having 25 armies (more than he was originally defending with), and the attacker having like 10. This totally flipped the game and caused the real player to lose. Not how I wanted to knock him out.......

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Sounds like the troop numbers were done correctly but the territory didn't switch to the attackers control. I've sometimes seen things similar with large armies switching sides thereby ruining games. I can't say for there that there haven't been any updates since I saw that stuff but from your post it sounds like that can happen.

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This happened to me, although I was the one who got attacked and was supposed to lose my army, and him gain my territory. Instead it flipped. I didn't understand what happened because I thought I saw it wrong.. But now I see this post and makes me feel bad. Sad to say that player lost
I think I've seen this happen 3 or 4 times now. The first time or two I thought I didn't see it right.

This issues sounds like it is related to, or is in fact the "troops changing sides" bug. Thank for this. It's important information to know it can happen with a computer player as well.


- Phillip@SMG

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