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BUG during connection lost and return

When connection is lost and return, some problems are arise. Which are below, Error 1- Waiting For Lost - Phone is freeze, I can only close game and could not connect again when i enter game. Error 2 - During attack in connection problem, Exp: I have a 30 soldier and attacking 1 soldier in enemies territory. When connection return some times enemy's soldiers shown -20 etc. or directly 30 as my soldier quantity etc. So my soldiers are becoming enemies Error 3 - sometimes, game did not give a card although I get territory. Could you please check game code etc. ? Generally I'm playing RISK when on car, bus etc. thats why momentary internet connection is happen. I get a premium for RISK but I could not get enjoy it because of those bug
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I am all the time disconnected when i play online and risk return to me all my coins each time but i lose a turn or the cpu play for me îm very disapoint about your game since two week's aproximately
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