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Why play the game and cheat? If you are controlling more than 1 turn that is cheating and you are a weak person. Another thing is quiters. If things dont go your way( like not getting austraila) dont quit. Now it seems like 70% quit after 1 or 2 turns. Probably the same ones that play more than 1 player. Why does the game managers not penalize these weaklings? And rankings. Very inconsistent, ive been playing this version for about 2-3 months and ive been anywhere from novice to beginner with no ryhme or reason. Very few times have I lost fair and square. If ai lose it is usally cheaters or rediculous dice. Why play this greatest of all board games and cheat. Play fair and you will get better
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When players quit and the AI takes over for them their rank changes as if they had been eliminated at the time they quit. So quiting before defeat is imminent is already penalized. Cheaters are pathetic but thankfully I have found them to be few. At least when they are found out by SMG they have ranking points deducted.
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