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Lose connection then can't return to game

Hi, Has anyone else had issues with returning to a game after losing connection? I am using an iPhone. A few times now I have lost connection (the wifi has still been working) then not been able to return to the game. I have tried closing the app down and start again. Every time I have done this I receive a message along the lines of "sorry this game is now closed" after it gives me the option to rejoin my game. It only gives this option once, if I close it down and restart the app again it does not give this option. One time I pressed the lock button on my phone by accident and when I unlocked it I had been kicked out the game and had the same issues. The most annoying part is that I have used 2 of my 3 tokens and can now not play another game for 6 hours. Whilst I'm here...why has it changed from 4 tokens to 3 and why does it now take 6 hours to replenish a token instead of 4? Any help with rejoining a game would be greatly appreciated.

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