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I NEVER rank up?

Dunno what's up with this, I NEVER seem to rank up... my player stats STILL say "Novice" (???).

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STILL NEVER seem to rank up. Then again, it doesn't appear that my rank points are EVER credited, as well as my few wins that I've had being added. That, along the rigged dice (as ADMITTED by SMG), and I'll go back to playing my other Risk and Risk like games that DO function properly (like I've been doing for months... before this new "update").
I’m a beginner with 25 wins in less than 100 games. I’m playing all ranks and winning against higher ranked players but can’t get off the Beginner rank. I realize it is based some complex logarithm, but it doesn’t make sense to me. I’m not saying I’m a master, but I’ve certainly not a beginner. I judge my self worth based on my Risk ranking. :)
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