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Two players of the same color

I just hosted a six player game where I added an AI player at the same moment a player switched colors and I started the game. So when the game began there were two different players, one AI and one human, who were green. By paying close attention could tell which was which after a few of rounds but this shouldn't be happening. Seems simple to do a final check before the game to make sure no two players have the same color.

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This has happened to me also two times in the last two days! One was with AI and one was with real players and both times they were Orange! It happened the same way also! Someone was clicking color change at the moment I clicked start. I could see they both had the same color for that split second before it jumps to the map! I won both games fuzz EVERYONE quit both games! But I could NOT figure out which Orange was which and wondered what it seemed like to them! Both times the orange guy killed off he other orange guy! This should be an easy fix! Disallow color changes once the 6th player is added or in that window not is goin into the map....have the program double check that ALL Colors are used or make a 7th color like Black or White but I'm not sure that will fix it! Just been thinking a couple more colors would be cool fuzz yellow and orange are very close to the same! Carpe Diem!
Same thing happened to me this evening
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