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Hello guys...i m a "master" player...yesterday i played a 6 player match and finished on first spot...but the match was not updated in my account and i didnt get any rank points..i waited one whole didnt get i played another where i finished at 4th place and this match was updated within seconds...and my rank fall down from 1300+ to 1500+..!! This is so unfair..winning a 6 player match takes lots of effort and around two hours...i have reached this rank after putting in 83 hours of gameplay...and now my winning matches are not registering...and i m losing my rank which is so hard to maintain at this level....i have stopped playing the game and wont resume untill this gets fixed and my winning match and rank gets updated... Its my request to check the issue and take necessary action...hoping for your quick response...

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I have the same problem sometimes it's very annoying when it costs a win. Just yesterday it happened to me. Today tho I had a loss not count so that was nice.
Hey Secta, I was wondering if you know what rank GrandMasters start? I got to 920 yesterday. Is it only the top 500 that are GM?
Grandmaster goes back to 700 ish right now. Sadly I've been losing a lot and have fallen all the way to 900 myself. It is so difficult because one bad loss knocks me back 100-150 rank spots. Today I'm working on getting back into the 700s.
I was wondering, I remember seeing you a few times on the leaderboard, but not recently. So tough to grind your way up and then get knocked back down with one loss.
I've been winning matches and LOSING points... don't really know what is wrong. (Against at least one oponent my rank)
I just won a game against one expert, three intermediates, and a beginner and it hasn't been counted. Hopefully the game will be counted sometime over the course of the next twenty four hours but I am not optimistic since I have won three such games lately and those haven't counted after weeks. Fabian what your describing sounds awful, I'm glad that hasn't happened to me.
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