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Issues after defeating player

First off, overall I love this game.  You guys have done a great job and minus some minor bugs, this game is perfect.  

My bug/issue comes after defeating a player.  It seems random, but when I have taken a player out, I get the inactive for 60 seconds screen, and have to press the green rejoin button.  By doing this, this causes the number of troops to advance to the territory I have just taken over to automatically be 3 (rather than having the option to move all of my troops forward) while leaving the remaining troops to attack with left on the territory I was attacking from.  Seems to be pretty common for me.  This becomes a problem when attacking a territory that is locked in by territories you already own, leaving my remaining troops, stuck behind territories that you own and unable to attack more.  The other issue I had, was after defeating a player, I received their 5 cards, and attempted to turn in.  I tried to swap out what cards I would turn in and then was unable to turn in at.  The game timer continued but I was stuck in the turn in screen causing the game to automatically distribute my troops and not allowing me to continue attacking, ultimately leading to my demise in the game.  I have attached a screen shot of the screen I was stuck in.  My player name is xW3x if this helps to look back and find bug.




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