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Change you appalling blitz dice algorithm

The blitz dice algorithm really sucks. People use it for speed. When it completely wipes out 10 armies against one its stupid! That and the cheating means it's time to stop playing. Also need a yawn button for when people don't attack...

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The algorithm is fine.  Have you ever played the original board game? It is unlikely to lose 10 v 1, but it happens. 

Yes, but not at the rate that it occurs in the game. Do you even know the odds of that happening?

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The blitz dice rolls almost certainly come from the same PRNG as the manual dice rolls. The difference between them is that blitz doesn't wait for user prompts between rolls. As for losing battles of 10 v 1 it is very rare in both the app and real life but it does happen.
The dice rolling code in the game (more so with Blitz) has been proven to be bugged, as can be seen in mine and others posts in this message thread -> . And yes, I DO play the real board game (as well as numerous other computer versions of Risk) that do NOT exhibit this problem.

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The blitz gets locked into total destruction for the attacking party. Especially in the first round.

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See this article

If SMG isnt using the Merseinne Twister, then its not using the best RNG for Risk.

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Hi everyone,

To answer Peter A. Funny you say that, the Mersenne Twister is the exact algorithm we use, we did not alter it in any way.

- Phillip@SMG

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The thing is, there are STILL problems with the Blitz dice rolls, as detailed in the message thread that I linked to above. I (and my buddies) don't see as many questionable dice rolls when doing single rolls (although they do indeed still happen quite frequently), but this is a CONSTANT problem when using the Blitz dice rolls. My buddies and I see this CONSTANTLY all of the time, and between us we have played countless games against the AI. As I posted in the other message thread mentioned above: -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Currently three 6-player single-player games on the previously mentioned device: 1 = 27% 2 = 14% 3 = 14% 4 = 14% 5 = 14% 6 = 14% -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- ...and (re: reattached screenshot from the previously mentioned message thread): -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- More proof that the dice rolling is screwed... it is statistically impossible to loose more troops than you have killed when your total win-to-loss ratio is almost 2:1. THAT IS, unless that you are rolling more 1's (or other low numbers) than any other number. I have seen this on two different devices, as well as a buddy of mine telling me that it is EXACTLY the same on his. And the funny thing is, I have NEVER seen anything of the sort (stats as mentioned above, AS WELL AS numerous questionable dice rolls) on ANY of the other Risk games that I play (on any other Android Risk or Risk like game, several Risk dice rollers that I have installed on my tablet, Risk for Windows 95, Risk II for Windows 98, OR EVEN Risk for DOS - *CIRCA 1988*). As a matter of fact, I've been so sick and tired of these problems (as well as the problems when attempting to join a multiplayer game) that just about ALL of the Risk playing that I have been doing for the past few weeks is either the REAL board game, or the old classic Risk for DOS. Come on, SMG, my buddy and I PAID for it, FIX IT. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- My buddies and I have the exact same types of stats on our devices... 2 to 1 (or even more) win to loss ratio, yet WAY MORE troops lost than killed. As I said above, this is statistically impossible. That is, unless something is amis with the dice rolling. Another thing: I have NEVER seen anything of the sort (stats as mentioned above, AS WELL AS numerous questionable dice rolls) on ANY of the other Risk games that I play... on any other Android Risk or Risk like game, several Android dice rollers that I have installed on my tablet, Risk for Windows 95, Risk II for Windows 98, Popcap's Risk from 2012, the REAL board game, OR EVEN Risk for DOS (that was developed in **1989**). Not to mention, the built-in random number functions in the old QBasic 4.5 for DOS, or NeoSoft's NeoBook for Windows. In addition to the above, this JavaScript web page (which is only using the basic random number generator function in JavaScript) -> . Like I said, the problem rears it's ugly head MOSTLY when using Blitz dice rolls... maybe there is something amiss in that code?

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I just had 35 armies in a country and one more person to beat. The board flashed and gave him the 35 armies plus the country. This has never happened. Then he uncovered himself and I saw it was a human afterall. Maybe he had some cheat hack to do this. Also after that, i only received infantry cards. Needless to say his rolls were superior, unstatistical.
I doubt that SMG has quality checked the Blitz algorithm. And what about freaky things that occur like countries swapping sides instantly and all armies going to the opponent. If you cared about wuality you,woyld do something about it Phillip instead of just saying whatever you want. Programmi g is not hard.

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Posted by Ash over at their official Facebook page: "When we first implemented the code we used random on each individual die. The problem was you got a lot of extreme cases with this. So now we use a probability matrix. There's still edge cases but it's MUCH less than what happens if each dice roll is totally random." Well, now THAT explains it... SMG is NOT using a true RNG, but rather a "probability matrix" (i.e. the dice are rigged, plain and simple). Extreme cases or not, EACH and EVERY single die roll should be rolled as RANDOM, as this is how it would be with REAL-WORLD dice (and apparently, how it is coded in all of the other Risk and Risk-like games that I play... i.e. NO questionable dice rolls).
A probability matrix associates a "transition state" from one state to another based on a probability. So if you have 20 armies and the matrix element for 20 to 1 is 0.01 or half a percent a uniform random number greater than 0.99 you lose them all. Not at all like the board game! Just accelerate rolls please. No funny stuff.

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One percent.
Just started a game and every army was destroyed..... your dice code is s**t. FIX IT OR REFUND MY MONEY!

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