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LFG - Rules and tips for posting

Looking For Games is the place find games and friends to play with. It is a great place to find other players close to your rank for healthy competition.

Some quick rules.

1. Do not use this place for any unfair purposes, this includes collusion groups and team ups (ganging up on other players).

2. Do not use this forum to post about cheaters, please create support tickets for that.


- Make or find a topic with your class (Novice, Intermediate, Expert,  Master, Grand Master). Leave your name and a way to communicate or add someone else's with the add friend option in RISK. Play some games.

- Want to play specific maps with specific ranks of players? Open a topic with the Map and Class.

- If you would like to make any games with "custom rules" outside of the game itself, for example unofficial team games, 2v2, etc. Go ahead. Make a topic and lay out all the rules for the custom game mode in the topic itself.

Have fun.


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This forum (looking for games) hasn't attracted much attention. Maybe an announcement in Risk News would help.

That might be a good idea. We will definitely consider it.

- Phillip@SMG

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How about fixing the online list first
Or just add the feature where you can set a minimum level of player that can enter the game. Ex: intermediate, expert, Master or higher etc.

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Fantastic idea Brian.
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