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Armies given to another player

Twice I have seen the armies of one player turn another color after a round, effectively given to another player.

7 people have this problem

I saw this once recently. Ten or so armies of one player switched colors early in the game. That left the person who lost the armies in a terrible position and they were soon eliminated. The rapid illegal change in the balance of power caused me to lose that game by allowing others to start making eliminations. I am worried this may affect me in the same way again or I maybe next time it will be my armies switching sides. This needs to be addressed soon.

I ve had it happen twice. Once was odd. The second time it cost me the game. (Minor problems in the grand scheme of life.) 

This is an exceptionally straight forward app that they just can't seem to get right. 

Next call is to Apple for refund. 

I saw something similar in a game I just played.  The blue player attacked the green player 13 vs 1, and won the battle with each side losing one troop.  The country and remaining troops were then given to the losing player.  This changed the balance in the game, and blue quit shortly thereafter.


Same thing happened to me, twice.  Was going to end the game with 70+ armies in one country on progressive card change and when I attached the losing player game disconnected.  It reconnected me right back in and when I came back in both times the other player had my 70+ armies.  

Seen the same thing twice in two days. Not cool.
Just happened again. This has been happening to players for over a year? Compromised game with no integrity in the rankings. Refund, please!
I have seen this happen 3 times over the past 3 weeks. I have played this app a few months. It is disappointing to see games compromised by this. All 3 times were material changes in troops. Response, SMG?

Yes, this is rampant, and horrible.  

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