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Screen Goes Black cant recover game

Ive noticed when I start a game, the screen sometimes goes black and I cant see the board. I have restarted my phone, cleared cache and no change. Short explanation- this game now sucks and helpline is terribly unresponsive. Generatwd a ricket and now its gone. I guess thats what we get from a bunch of snot-nosed millenials. Fix the gd program.

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Same problem here. Samsung Note 4 with SD card. I have alot of available memory. Closed the app completely aND find I can't continue game. Have to start a new game. Funny you can hear the game and you can see the numbers when someone is adding game pieces +4 +3 etc.
Yes this happen three times now, and tokens are not replenished. I would like the three tokens lost back . you support on this should fix this problem.
SMG blows. Please fix this game the way it was 6 months ago.
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