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Choosing a Global Match

I constantly cannot join a match because I'm sent back to the first option every second. Can you make it so when matches disappear because they have started that the get X'd out instead of actually disappearing. I hate being displaced every second. Or Have a search option to find matches that meet the criteria you are looking for (map, time, setup, etc).

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This is a persistent problem. I have to scan the matches so quickly that I can't even see what they are before I'm sent back to the beginning. A very annoying bug!

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Yes please fix this. Trying to join a game is really frustrating. Every two seconds you are returned to the first game on the list. This is no logic. If the number I am currently on is taken move me forwards or backwards to the next closest available game.

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This is extremely frustrating to be honest and quite silly to have to deal with. Games have had game listings for 30+ years now. Just make it a list period. No jumping around junk. Or...put a time limit for changing game options/players/bots. Because impatient and idiots keep changing game options and the amount of players/bots that are in the game which pushes them to the front and as long as they continue to do it, it refreshes them to the first spot. You know as Im writing this it occured to me that there is no reason for this to happen. Fix it already. Cant believe that it is that difficult to remedy. Laziness is winning!

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