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Dice rolls not random

Just because there is an equal chance to roll each number on a die, it doesn't mean that in 24 rolls you will get each number 3 times, right? Yet that is exactly what I am seeing in my stats, each die number rolled EXACTLY the same percentage after just one game. Is there any way you can add the random element to the die rolls in a future update? If not, I have lost much interest in playing.

It's a known bug that they deny. I work in statistics- just wish they would be transparent.

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Posted by Ash over at their official Facebook page: "When we first implemented the code we used random on each individual die. The problem was you got a lot of extreme cases with this. So now we use a probability matrix. There's still edge cases but it's MUCH less than what happens if each dice roll is totally random." Well, now THAT explains it... SMG is NOT using a true RNG, but rather a "probability matrix" (i.e. the dice are rigged, plain and simple). Extreme cases or not, EACH and EVERY single die roll should be rolled as RANDOM, as this is how it would be with REAL-WORLD dice (and apparently, how it is coded in all of the other Risk and Risk-like games that I play... i.e. NO questionable dice rolls).
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