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For those unable to join games and Games list issues.

For those experiencing issues joining games and receiving errors 660 or 667. This is a known bug that is caused by certain games becoming un-joinable.

This issue is also the cause of the issues when looking for games through the games list as the un-joinable games are clogging up the list and causing it to refresh constantly.

To get around this until the issue is solved, it is best to use the auto match function, as this gets around the issue.

We understand this is not ideal, we are working to fix this issue as fast as we can. Keep an eye on this post for updates.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

- Phillip@SMG

Update: The fix for these issues is now released!

27 people have this problem

Hey all, this topic is for an old issue that is different the ones the ones you are currently experiencing. The current issue can be found here:

I will be locking this post to avoid further confusion.

- Phillip@SMG

Hey ı have same problem here.error 902 and cant join in manuel google name is trexturk what can i do for best your serves. Money back or fox?
I can’t get access and I’ve paid for the upgrade servers are constantly down I have perfect internet please help?

Yup... has been happening for a few days now!

Mankind has split the atom and reached the moon - but getting a simple online game to work properly... is still beyond our reach!

A great start to 2018 SMG! 

I have the problem. I cant join to a game
Error 902 I can’t Play since a fee days.
I have been facing this problem since I bought the unlimited tokens package. I'm unable to join any global domination game. Please help. Risk profile name GautamReddy80
I can answer your first question. The reason you can't reconnect is because the moment you lose signal then there is not a human host. the AI cannot be the host and the host position cannot be given to "new" players entering the game (since the game does not allow new players to enter an on going game, then the coding is not written this way) - so the game goes to the same place that all games without players go.... the bargain bin lol. But seriously, after a certain length of time without players the game will close, but until such time it will try to find a new host, ultimately failing... also I've heard but have not confirmed that if you leave a game in which you are the only human player left, then it does not affect your rank. Maybe your game win/loss ratio but not rank - since the AI does not have a rank.... Hope this helps
Why?!?! Why is it that when I am winning a game and both opponents have quit...why is it that if I drop a signal for even a second will it not reconnect?!?! It comes back online only to forever sit in "Waiting for host" purgatory. Can't do anything but exit, which then gives me another loss!!!! Not to mention that auto play function will also have glitches where it won't show anything but says I am in a game. Have to restart and decline to enter the game. Yet another loss!!! What is going on there?!?!
7 months and not solved yet... impressive...
This is not "fixed" at all

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I was going to start a game would not connect then took my tokens without entering a game not the first time it has happened either

Getting error 660 messages every time I try to join a game from the list, and also getting a black screen with flashing numbers on reconnect. Using the latest Android version. Risk Name is Nimble Force 8.

Hi @smg I still have had the 660 and 667 issie for 3 days now. What is being done to resolve this? Paid to play a non functioning game. Only joined 2 weeks ago and not a happy user. Cheers

This issue has resurfaced. I cannot play play online at all including automatch.