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For those unable to join games and Games list issues.

For those experiencing issues joining games and receiving errors 660 or 667. This is a known bug that is caused by certain games becoming un-joinable.

This issue is also the cause of the issues when looking for games through the games list as the un-joinable games are clogging up the list and causing it to refresh constantly.

To get around this until the issue is solved, it is best to use the auto match function, as this gets around the issue.

We understand this is not ideal, we are working to fix this issue as fast as we can. Keep an eye on this post for updates.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

- Phillip@SMG

Update: The fix for these issues is now released!

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This must be a stressful job!

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Thank you. And sometimes when I get booted from one of those defective games it takes all my tokens away!

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Since I recently updated I can no longer get past 5 game scrolls. I am automatically thrust back to the beginning. This is extremely frustrating as I do not play auto games. It's like hitting the lottery to land a manual fixed game. I have spent money on this game so please fix this issue soon or I will drop the game.

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This happens every time I play the game, it takes like 5-10 tries to find a joinable game
Thank you for the tip. Hope it is a easy fix for the team.
This has been a problem for a long time .. Isnt anybody working on the problem ?
I just got an e-mail from Phillip (SMG tech) and they are very aware of the problem and are on it. So, yes, someone is working on it.
Even in Automatch the screen goes black, and I am given a loss. WTF?
Inconvenience is an understatement!
Thats not an acceptable solution. Automatch country assignments should be randomized to the point the likelihood of country clusters would not produce an initial continent before or within the first move.
Agree with Peter A. And, being on the receiving end of owning a continent within the first turn is not necessarily a good thing. This happened to me yesterday and the other 2 players ganged up on me as I was the big threat! (Q. Why does automatch take me to so many original map-fixed draw-3 player games?) Another weird thing happened when I used Automatch: I was taken to a game where I wasn't a player and was only able to watch! Weird!

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Another issue with Automatch, no map just a blank screen with numbers flashing. I cleared cache, restarted, came back and same thing. This reallyis getting frustrating. Maybe Risk isnt the biggest money maker for SMB but really you should fix the issues or consider selling the product to a company that cares about the quality of product presented to paying customers. There were no issues with Risk before SMG took over. Now all sorts of issues. I am wondering why you would mess with something that wasnt broke? To make more money?
This has been a known issue for, what?, 2 weeks or more now? Is there anyone working on this?

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Hi all,

Yes we are still in the process of fixing this, it is our main priority for RISK. I will provide you all with more information when I can

- Phillip@SMG

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