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For those unable to join games and Games list issues.

For those experiencing issues joining games and receiving errors 660 or 667. This is a known bug that is caused by certain games becoming un-joinable.

This issue is also the cause of the issues when looking for games through the games list as the un-joinable games are clogging up the list and causing it to refresh constantly.

To get around this until the issue is solved, it is best to use the auto match function, as this gets around the issue.

We understand this is not ideal, we are working to fix this issue as fast as we can. Keep an eye on this post for updates.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

- Phillip@SMG

8 people have this problem

Really what could be taking so long to fix the issues .. Been weeks ... Seems like there is actually no effort being made .. Or that the person working on the issues doesn't have the ability to correct all the issues ... How about fixing one at a time .. Auto roll to join games should be a priority .. And there should be a time line when this is to be finally corrected .. Its absolutely annoying ..
Agreed. It has been too long. Automatch is not working for me. It only puts me in one kind of game: original map with only 3 players (myself included). And, I usually get ganged up on early. Here is a suggestion to the techs: why don't you just reset everything to the way it was 6 months ago? Many computers have this function where you can re-set to original settings from the past. It was working fine then.
How about you guys refund us. This isn't "less than ideal", this is a lemon and a total deal-breaker. You shouldn't work on anything else u too you fix this. You should refund everyone in the meantime. Not okay to charge money for an app that does not work.
Note! Auto match does not work either. I get error 660. There is absolutely no way to get a game with this pathetic app that puts 100% of their effort into art and can't seem to find even one competent computer programmer. Get a clue! Fire anyone who has been associated with this and hire someone who knows what they are doing. This is not acceptable for a day, much less for months!!! This should be your only priority until this is fixed.
20 days since Philips post and still nothing resolved .. What's it going to take .. Is anybody else looking into things or is Philip on vacation ..
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