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For those unable to join games and Games list issues.

For those experiencing issues joining games and receiving errors 660 or 667. This is a known bug that is caused by certain games becoming un-joinable.

This issue is also the cause of the issues when looking for games through the games list as the un-joinable games are clogging up the list and causing it to refresh constantly.

To get around this until the issue is solved, it is best to use the auto match function, as this gets around the issue.

We understand this is not ideal, we are working to fix this issue as fast as we can. Keep an eye on this post for updates.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

- Phillip@SMG

Update: The fix for these issues is now released!

18 people have this problem

Furthermore, sometimes blitz loses all armies if you click too soon for the internet connection. This needs to be fixed.
It's been a month and they still have not fixed this stupid and frustratingly annoying issue. Is anyone getting paid to do this? People would be fired if I owned this company and this was still an issue. I hate this game.

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The fix is now released for both platforms. Remember to update. Enjoy!


Maybe you should explain how to update. I tried restore purchases but I'm still having the same issues of only being able to access the first 2-3 games!
Who is Namey Namerson and why do I keep getting redirected to a black screen with flashing -numbers?
The update from 2 days ago is not working once again. When is it going to be fixed. I think your company should refund everyone that paid for this. I have paid for every map. And based on that this is a using these maps to play against others. Not cool
Well that finally explains why I've been receiving them errors, good luck fixing it!
Hi. Experienced the "error 660" since last night. I purchased the game and been playing it for about a month now. Only had problem yesterday. How do I fix this?

This issue has resurfaced. I cannot play play online at all including automatch. 

Hi @smg I still have had the 660 and 667 issie for 3 days now. What is being done to resolve this? Paid to play a non functioning game. Only joined 2 weeks ago and not a happy user. Cheers
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