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Bug infestation

I don't know what you guys THINK you fixed with the last update for Risk Global Domination.... ...but you turned a functional game with a couple minor glitches, into an unplayable, bloated, glitch-filled, Ar-bug-geddon! My wife and kids used to play this game with me as a way of keeping in touch, as I am away from home for 6 days a week. Now: -our friend invites are never successful -the global domination waiting room refreshes too fast to browse past game #2 -if you are lucky enough to get past game #2 in the cue, then you are returned to game #1 in about 0.002 seconds -nearly every time (97 times out of 100) I try to log into a game, I'm met with a server error "failure to log in" message - it takes FOREVER to get a game started -I can't even play my wife and kids AT ALL, because we can't play via "play with friends" (see reason above), we are always placed on apparently separate servers on Global Domination so we can't even join the same game that way (before, we were always on the same server with the same games visible) - one of my biggest peeves has always been the refresh of the lobby.... while you are viewing an available game other than game #1, you are always redirected..... I want to keep viewing the game I'm looking at, and if it rises in the cue, only the game number in the lower right hand corner should change.... NOT REFRESH WITH A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT GAME, OR GO BACK TO FIRST IN CUE! If you guys can't fix this by the end of the week, or at least revert/backdate to the previous version, I will be filing a complaint with Google and get a refund. This is ridiculous! ESPECIALLY for the amount of money this game costs for a very simple programming algorithm.

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