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Can no longer connect Apple and Android

Looks like you can no longer play with friends who have devices different than yours.

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I'm having this issue too
If this doesn't get fixed quickly, I'm going to have to get rid off this game. Useless if I can't play against friends with different devices.
After experiencing this issue, I've discovered it seems to be that SMG did another update to android on mar. 23rd.. the new android version is 1.10 but we on iOS are still stuck on 1.9, so now it won't let the 2 games interface.. even more annoying is that you can't even see the same games in global domination. On my IPHONE I show 12 games while my brothers android only shows 4 and they are completely different games. I am hoping that SMG updates our IOS phones quickly!

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Hopefully this gets fixed soon. Most of he friends I play with have androids while I have an iphone
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