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First player gets no men

Something changed .. I am finding that when i am first i get no men to place on the board

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This is been going on for about a week. I am sick of it happening. My suggestion is for everyone who is in this situation to immediately quit. It is not fair to be the first player to start a game and have no extra armies to draw.

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Enjoyed Risk until this started with the update. Received a note from support team that the issue would be resolved by last Monday - still waiting. Sorry I deleted their response as I took them at their word. Playing less -disappointed- not the experience I expected.

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Yes please fix asap. People have paid for the game in some cases. This fix must be a priority!

Hi all,

We recently fixed this in our latest update. Be sure to check your update tabs on the app store over the next few days for RISK

- Phillip@SMG

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