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More cheaters please ban them

I'm getting really tired of the number of cheats on this site. Just played a game with these two players RedwOOdy and AwoodsyA Showed no intent on attacking each other so i just put all my troops in Australia and they never attacked each other. Ban these players or i leave.

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Where can you complain about cheating?
It's not multiple people working together, it's one person with multiple devices.
Junior Defiance 2 - he is among cheaters who will freeze the screen and prevent you from making any moves
Tentriarenasiance...this guy played hours first turn and had 1,500 pieces addedadded. Clearly he is cheating and needs to be banned. He is grand master First name is possible spelled wrong renaissance is the second half of the name. Totally useless to play someone like this. He has done code for unlimited guys
That guy joined my lobby last night. It's extremely rare to see a Grandmaster join a game but I didn't suspect he was a cheater at that time. Thankfully the game never started because no more high ranked people joined and eventually those in the lobby dropped. I'll kick him on sight now. Also to any cheaters who read this, it is useless to cheat in one of my games. The ranking points you will get from beating me are nothing next to those SMG will take from you after I report it. Play fair and it will be much better for you.
So sick and tired of playing these losers who feel the need to cheat. It's a game based on strategy. Not loading up with multiple players and then just leaving your cards on the table for the next guy to clean up. I thought right on, here's a chance to up my rankings. Nope, 2 grandmasters in the same game? Leave immediately. These ass hats in the attached photo are the epitome of fun wreckers.
(1.67 MB)

I'm done. I played multiplayer 5 times and each time there was someone with 2-3 accounts in the same game who would run the board. No fun. The cheaters have ruined the gameplay. I'm out.

Sydney Nassau. So-called GRANDMASTER. Complete cheat. User other account CARTER ALPHA 11. 

Beware. Avoid them.

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