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Lost connection

This is the third time it's happened today, have only had the game about 5 days now but when I am about to win the host does something and I lose connection when It ask me to rejoin It says the room is no longer up. I know this is a glitch, I have played risk for many years on the ps3 online and this is glitch from the systems first days. Can you please get this fixed.

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This has happened to me so many times, i have lost count!
Me too. Game is hosed.
Hello, I tried to play several games today and the game just froze on me, the first time it froze I closed the game and reopened it and started playing another game, that game also froze so did it again.I noticed that you reimburse me the 2 tokens not the time it takes to accumulate a token. The clock timer had less than an hr. to the next token when I had fist logged on, after the 1 freeze up the clock timer restarted at the very beginning. After the 2nd freeze up I stopped playing after a few hrs. then when I logged back into the game the tokens you reimbursed are gone and the timer has changed... Please fix, Sincerely Risk Fan.

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Happens all the time for me too...just this morning while playing it just froze...stayed on screen for 5 minutes and then relaunched app...tried to get back into game but was told I couldn't because game closed...what really sucks about this is you lose standing every time it happens...I'm tired of bouncing from expert to beginner back to expert only to drop again...all because the game freezes
Happens to me too and too often!
I'm tired of playing a game just to have it say lost connection! Fix this or I will uninstall the game
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