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March 2017 Update

This software update to RISK is HORRIBLE! ! You have completely ruined the game. Instead of fewer server disconnects there are now more. The game now does not keep track of territories won when switching from Attack to Fortify and now freezes when redeeming cards. Very poorly implemented update.

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when you start a new game single player and your first to do not have any army to draft...what happened?

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Fix is in QA now. Should be live by Monday at the latest. Thanks –Lee@SMG

If the fix should have been live by last Monday what did I need to do to access It? Reboot? Uninstall? Would appreciate some actual help!
The so-called new dice algorithm has made no change at all. At this my dice percentages are: 1 - 17% 2 - 16% 3 - 16% 4 - 16% 5 - 16% 6 - 16% So in other words THE DICE ARE NOT RANDOM THEY ARE EQUALIZED. Whats worse is that players are leaving (or being disconnected) from the game and then returning later. The AI still have a major dice advantage and they do not act as human players. I have to agree with Franklin Smith SMG you have ruined the game. There are fewer and feeer games and fewer players because you have made the game so crap!!!
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