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When starting first with the new update you don't get ant troupes to deploy, this has happened twice to me now.

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Hi! I have a lot of problems to play in multiplayer after the actualization, the first one: a player won a country and the player that lose, still with the country and takes the troops of the wining player, second one, the cards disappear of "our hand", and the third one, the game suddendly reset... Is so frustrating the situation, i hope that you can fix this bug to enjoy this amazing game again. And thanx and congratulations for the new maps that added to the game.

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I see the same issues, and now many more server disconnects with multiple reconnect attempts.  This latest software update rollout was not clearly not tested thoroughly enough......


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Same issue.At one point a territory showed minus two !

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Same Issue Also I try to select the Avatar "sillouette head with a question mark in it" and all it says is processing... forever it seems. I tried it on iPad Pro, iPhone 7plus, and my AppleTV4, they all do the same thing
Just played a game, a territory that I had just 1 army within it, whilst other players made their moves I suddenly had 26 armies in that
I have had multiple issues of every kind of cheating. fuck that i have lost well over 50 matches due to these weak mfers i feel that i should get the new maps free at least i paid fer premier play and all i get is my game shitted on by these hacker cheating punks. i am most certainly not happy and feel that the people in charge need to fix this or free up new maps fer me and other game loving paid customers if the problem cant b fixed.

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Yes I agree, there are multiple problems with the game now, to many list here. When I complained about the dice rolling percentages that have changed I was told by the support team to take up chess if I didn't like it. Charming !

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I am upset with the number of times that I am just kick out of a game. Most times i'm actually winning...what's going on. I'm a paid customer!

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Hello, I have an I phone 7 and am an avid risk player. Just after the most recent update the game has been consistently crashing on me and am not sure why. My “Game Center” name is kermw35 with a master ranking.

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